Year 4

Welcome to Mrs Chamberlain’s class!

GREEN SANTA COMPETITIONA huge friendly hello and welcome to class 4JC.

This is our proud class winning the Green Santa Competition. We won money to help our school buy recycling equipment so we can recycle more.


Class 4JC has 32 pupils. Mrs Chamberlain is our class teacher and Mrs Ghent is our teaching assistant. We are a friendly class. We want everyone to achieve their very best and work really hard. Mrs Chamberlain says, ‘It’s OK to get something wrong because we can learn how to put it right.’ When we learn things we can teach others – so we can help everyone. We have fun but we have to work hard.
Our school councillors are Connor and Aliyah.


For our geography topic in the Autumn term, we studied Improving our Environment. Our class went to the Recycling village at Tyne Dock. It was a cold day. We found out lots of interesting facts about recycling. Did you know that paper can only be recycled so many times – we have to introduce more fibre to the paper to recycle it again. We also made our own paper from recycled newspapers.


In the Spring term for our history topic work on the Tudors, we visited Old Fulling Mill in Durham. It was an exciting day (and another cold day). We took a walk around Durham city and identified the Tudor buildings. The fun part was inside the museum where our class were able to write in the Tudor style of handwriting and find out about Tudor artefacts.
old fulling mill

In the Summer term we went to Boldon Environmental centre to study habitats for our science topic work.


We investigated different habitats to find out which animals lived there. It was really interesting to use a key to find out what each animal was called.

Eight of our class also got the opportunity to go to Thurston Outdoor Education Centre in the Lake District. Mrs Chamberlain took years 4, 5 and 6 for a week of activities such as canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and the exciting ‘Blast Off.’ For Blast Off we had to work as a team – we pulled one person and they were pulled up quickly on a rope until they reached the top of a tree and hit a pan!. Brill! Everyone took part in the activities and challenged themselves.


We like to go on visits as its more fun to be able to see and touch things that we usually see on the whiteboard or in books.


Our favourite subject is MATHS – especially investigations!


Here we are investigating nets of cubes. We had to find as many ways of making a net of a cube. As we found different nets, we displayed them so others would not copy it. We found 11 nets.

Electricity – circuits
We made circuits in science and we had to use: a battery, crocodile clips, and a light bulb and holder, wires and switches. We tested different switches and investigated using more than one bulb or battery in a circuit. We found out that a more powerful battery would blow a bulb and we could make bulbs brighter or dimmer depending on how many batteries we used. Switches could be made using paper clips and foil (because they are metal).


This year in art (cross curricular with history) we have made clay Viking ships.

viking boats

and in design and technology, we have made bags. We researched, designed and made our carriers. Some of us had to learn to sew running stitch and back stitch.

dt bags

After we completed electrical circuits in Science, we used that information to make torches. We researched, designed and evaluated our torches.

We have had many fun times in our class.

This is Pyjama day – our whole school wore pyjamas and raised money for charity.

More fun – Christmas parties – don’t we look FAB!

easter egg competition
These are our class entries to the school Easter egg competition. Cordelia and Ellie Y. won for our class.

Year 4 are lucky, we have Miss Hauber who gives us recorder lessons. We have played to our parents in assembly.

and we also played our recorders for our Mother’s day assembly – celebrating our special mums or carers. It was very special assembly. There was not a dry eye in the house.

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