Sports Relief in Reception

On Friday 23rd March the children in Reception had lots of fun raising money for Sports Relief. We linked the activities to our Maths topic (time) by rotating around many different activities and seeing how many things we could do in a minute.


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Reception’s Royal Banquet

Miss Waugh and Miss Prior had a fantastic time celebrating the end of our topic with the children, when we held our own royal banquet. The girls looked very pretty and the boys looked very handsome. We were introduced as we entered the banquet hall, did lots of dancing, entertained the King and Queen and ate the food that we had made on the morning.


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Some of the children wanted to entertain the King and Queen

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Reception visit Durham Castle

On Wednesday 21st February the children in Reception visited Durham Castle. We had a look around the building, dressed up and made our own castle!

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Multi Skills at Temple Park

The children in Reception had lots of fun trying out some new activities at Temple Park Leisure Centre. This event was attended as part of the School Sports Partnership.

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Our Special Visitor in Reception



On the afternoon of Friday 15th December the children in Reception noticed that a special door had appeared on the wall. Some of the children thought that it might be a magic elf door.

Jay decided to protect the door by putting a fence in front of it. He told everyone not to touch it or the elf would not come out.

Jay and some other children then put some toys in front of the door so that the elf had something to play with when he came out.

On Monday morning when the children came in they saw an elf and a letter addressed to them. We read the letter and found out that it was from Santa. It said that the elf was here to see all the lovely things that we do and that we needed to give him a name. We came up with some suggestions and we voted for our favourite. The elf was to be named ‘Macaroni’.

After playtime Macaroni had left us a little job to try. He wanted us to make a Christmas tree. Lots of the children had a go and these are the best!

The next day Macaroni left another job for us to do. He wanted us to make a Christmas wreath. Pera, Leah and Eve were the first children to make one. They were fantastic. At playtime Macaroni left them a little note and some treats for all of their hard work.

Later on in the day some other children had a go as well.

On Wednesday, Macaroni was so impressed with the work that Alexis, Charlie, Annelle and Khloe had done throughout the morning that he left them a note and some treats as well.