Healthy Lifestyles Week

From 22/5/17 to the 26/5/17, Forest View have taken part in Healthy Lifestyles week. Year 5NJ have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in activities which highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle this week. We have talked about road safety, healthy eating, lifestyle choices, mental health and exercise. We took part in a mini sports day, filled with races, with all of Year 5 and 6.

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We also took part in a Hoopathon with all of Year 5 and 6, where the three classes faced off against each other to  see who could keep hooping the longest!

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Year 5NJ also took part in a Taekwondo lesson, taught by a visiting coach. They really enjoyed this, and threw themselves into learning a new sport.

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Victorian Day

On 5/4/17, Year 5 took part in a Victorian Day. They came to school dressed up in Victorian clothing, and took part in Victorian style lessons all day. We started the day by going through school rules, for example: Don’t ask questions without permission, stand up to speak, and stand up when an adult entered the room. Naturally, the children found these quite difficult!

In Maths they learned about Victorian money, and how to convert from pence to shillings and pounds for example. This was tricky, and we all agreed how difficult it must have been for the Victorian people.

In English they practised Victorian style handwriting, and loved it! They also learned about the British Empire, its good points and bad points.

During the afternoon, the children continued with their sewing projects, after being ‘inspected’ for cleanliness. In the Victorian times, children were caned for arriving dirty to school!

They even tried some of the Victorian punishments, such as the finger stocks, back straightener and dunce cap.

All in all, the children thoroughly enjoyed the day!