Design Technology- Bridges


This half term in Year 1/2, we have continued with our ‘Where could we go on the Polar Express?’ topic.  We found out that the Polar Express could not reach the North Pole due to a damaged bridge!  We decided to help by designing and making our own bridges.  First of all we looked at images of bridges and we used construction kits to experiment with making bridge structures.

Next we drew a design of how we wanted our bridge to look.  We kept our design criteria in mind: our bridge needed to be 50cm long and it needed to hold the weight of a toy Polar Express train.  We worked in teams in the classroom to make our bridges.  We tried to choose materials that we thought would be the strongest and we used masking tape to join our materials.  We kept the structure of strong bridges in mind throughout.

We all made a bridge that held the weight of the Polar Express.  Phew!  The train could make it to the North Pole at long last!

Our First Half Term


We have had a great start to the year in Year 1/2! The children have settled so well into their new class.  We have made an excellent start with our ‘Where could we go on the Polar Express?’ topic, with everyone learning lots of new things during our visit to the ‘Locomotion’ museum in Shildon.  We found out all about the history of trains in a fun and interesting way.


We have also really enjoyed our Science lessons this half term. We thought about the changes that happen during Autumn and we measured the temperature and rainfall outside.  We will make comparisons at other times during the year.